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8.12 TALKING ABOUT THE PAST: Irregular Past Participles

Forming the past participle for a verb in Spanish is relatively easy for regular verbs but watch out for some verbs that have an irregular past participle.

Volver -> vuelto
To return

Poner -> puesto
To put

Morir -> muerto
To die

Abrir -> abierto
To open

Hacer -> hecho
To do/to make

Decir -> dicho
To say

Ver -> visto
To see

Romper -> roto
To break

Escribir -> escrito
To write

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Let’s look at some examples:

Mis amigos ya han vuelto – My friends have already returned
Lo hemos puesto en la cama – We have put it on the bed
Su padre ha muerto – His/her father has died
Ya han abierto los regalos – They have already opened the gifts
Lo he hecho por ti – I have done it for you
Lo he dicho varias veces – I have said it many times
Nunca hemos visto esta película – We have never seen this film (‘nunca’ – ‘never’)
El niño ha roto el juguete – The child has broken the toy
Mi hermana ha escrito una novela – My sister has written a novel

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