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List of videos to make your Spanish learning experience a little more fun.


For beginners and those who would like a review of the basics.


For those who have been studying Spanish for a while and would like to take their Spanish to the next level.


For those who understand Spanish well and would like to practice with some more advanced material.


Take your Spanish to the next level with fun and entertaining podcasts.








Ingles Practico

Learn Practical English for Spanish Speakers














Practical Spanish - Sitemap



1. Introduction

2. Basic Sentences 3. Nouns

4. Adjectives

5. Subject Pronouns

6. Posessive Adjectives

7. Possessive Pronouns

8. Verbs 9. Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns

10. Imperative

11. Beginner Practice Readings



1. Introduction

2. More on the Present Subjunctive

3. Subjunctive in the Past Tense

4. 'Por' and 'Para'

5. Useful Verbs 6. False Friends

7. The many uses of 'se'

8. Typing accented characters

9. Intermediate Practice Readings



Advanced Practice Readings: Translations to the Advanced Practice Readings:









Beginner Videos:

  1. One Semester of Spanish Love Song - Spanish Mike
  2. ¿Puedo ir al baño? - Sr. Wooly
  3. Culture Alley: Basic Spanish 1 - Introductions & Greetings
  4. Culture Alley: Basic Spanish 2 - New Greetings
  5. Culture Alley: Basic Spanish 3 - Personal Pronouns
  6. Culture Alley: Basic Spanish 4 - The to-be verb 'Ser'
  7. Culture Alley: Basic Spanish 5 - Introduce yourself and make new friends

Intermediate Videos:

  1. Sé Chévere - Sr. Wooly
  2. Easy Spanish 1 - Profesiones (Professions)
  3. Easy Spanish 2 - Planes para hoy
  4. Easy Spanish 3 - ¿Qué le gusta de vivir en Lima?
  5. Easy Spanish 4 - Tres deseos
  6. Easy Spanish 5 - ¿Qué no le prestarías a nadie?
  7. Easy Spanish 6 - El logro más importante de tu vida

Advanced Videos:

  1. El Biblioburro - The Donkey Library

Music Videos:

  1. Eres para Mí (You are for me) - Julieta Vanegas
  2. La Historia de Juan (The Story of Juan) - Juanes
  3. Soledad (Solitude) - La Oreja de Van Gogh
  4. Mi Tierra (My Homeland) - Gloria Estefan
  5. Niña (Pretty Girl) - Mauricio y Palo de Agua




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