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1. Introduction

Hello and welcome to the intermediate section of Practical Spanish. In order to take your Spanish to the next level, we will cover some of the topics from the Beginner Level in more detail as well as introduce you to some common areas that students of Spanish find difficult.

The Spanish subjunctive is one of the hardest topics in Spanish and so we have devoted 2 more chapters to it. It is often used in day to day conversation and it will improve the quality of your spoken Spanish.

‘Por’ and ‘Para’ can be very confusing as well so we have a chapter introducing you to various cases where each of them is used.

The word ‘se’ does not really have any literal translation in English and it can be used to add meaning to a variety of Spanish expressions so we have a chapter covering the various uses of ‘se’.

There are also a number of words in Spanish that look very much like an English equivalent (e.g. actual) which have different meanings in English and Spanish. We’ve listed a number of common examples of these ‘false friends’ for you to be aware of. - Learn Spanish with Free Podcasts

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