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5.7 Useful Expressions with 'Echar'

The verb ‘echar’ has a number of meanings depending on how you use it. The common meanings are ‘to put in’, ‘to pour out’ or ‘to throw out’ but combined with ‘a’ or ‘de’ it can mean something quite different.

The following are a few common examples of how ‘echar’ is used.

Echa más sal al bistek – Put more salt in the steak
Hay que echar más ajo en esta sopa – It is necessary to put more garlic in this soup
No entiendo por qué me echaron de la reunión – I don’t understand why they threw me out of the meeting

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Colloquial expressions with 'echar'

‘echar’ can also be used in a few colloquial expressions:

1. 'Echar de menos' – to miss:

Te voy a echar de menos – I am going to miss you

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2. 'Echar flores' – to flatter:

No me gustan los hombres que me echan flores – I don’t like men who flatter me

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3. 'Echar la culpa' – to blame:

¡No me eches la culpa a mí! ¡Yo no hice nada! – Don’t blame me! I didn’t do anything!

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