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For beginners and those who would like a review of the basics.


For those who have been studying Spanish for a while and would like to take their Spanish to the next level.


For those who understand Spanish well and would like to practice with some more advanced material.


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Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and the number of Spanish speakers is growing every day. If you are trying to learn Spanish, this site will give you the opportunity to learn Spanish free online. This free online Spanish course is intended for students who are studying Spanish on their own or are taking a class and need another resource to supplement what they are learning. This course focuses on conversational Spanish and provides examples for each topic. This will not only help you understand the rules of grammar but will give you a feel for how the grammar is applied.

Thanks to the feedback we have received from so many of you, we have added SOUND to the website in mp3 format; we have done so to help you with your pronunciation. Look for the following link to play the sound or download it in mp3 format:

Sound Click here to listen

Note: This website teaches Latin American Spanish and the sound has been recorded by a native of Colombia.

Attention!!!! If you’re having trouble playing the sound, try downloading the free Apple Quicktime Player ( If this is not an option, you may right click on the link and save the file on your computer using “save as”.

Have fun learning Spanish and please send us your feedback on our Contact Us page.

Some tips on learning Spanish

It is not enough to learn grammar and memorize verb conjugations. Practice speaking Spanish as often as you can. Use a variety of sources like books, magazines, movies, TV shows, etc if possible, to make it fun. Staying motivated is a big part of learning a language and if it’s fun, you will always want to learn more. Click here to check out some useful resources we have listed.

You may be able to learn quite a bit from this website as well as books, tapes, cds, etc. But if you really serious about becoming fluent, you will need someone to interact with. If you cannot afford a tutor, find a good friend or neighbor who speaks it as a first language and will correct you. Being corrected can be frustrating but it will help you improve better than any book or movie.   

For those of you that are married to or are planning to marry a Spanish speaker, your spouse or future spouse could make a big difference in how quickly you learn. They could help motivate you and give you some practice. However, not everyone likes being constantly corrected by their spouse so you may have to look elsewhere for a Spanish conversational partner.

This Spanish course online is free so visit as often as you need to. We will be adding new material all the time. So, good luck or as we say in Spanish - Buena Suerte !!

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